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DR. RAY MORGAN: I chose to go into dentistry because honestly, one of my best friends was a dentist and he raved about it. He loved it. He had a great life and he really liked going to work every single day. As I talked to him, you know, I knew I wanted to go into the medical profession somehow. I always was fairly good with my hands and in talking with him,

I thought this is an avenue I need to explore and applied to the school, got in and have loved it ever since I started. I really enjoy working on patients. I enjoy creating smiles that are just amazing. I enjoy the look on someone's face the minute I put the mirror up there and they see what they now look like compared to what they looked like before we started. It's just a great career and it excites me every day to come to work.

KRISTI: What sets Dr. Morgan apart from other dentists is his drive. He constantly learning and he's just amazing to me. He has such an eye for art. I think he makes perfection look natural and he just has a drive like nobody else I've ever known.

ANNIE: His pursuit of excellence. If there is one word that would really summarize him and his desire for our team to achieve, it's to be completely exceptional.

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