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DR. RAY MORGAN: This practice is a little unique in that we operate really under two names here. The first is Towne Lake Family Dentistry and the second is The Art Of Cosmetic Dentistry. And while they have many qualities that are the same, there are things that set them apart. We are a family dentist. We want to see the children. We want to see the adults. We want people to bring their families here, because that's really what we've been doing for many, many years.

While it might be a little misleading that we, you know, have two separate names, we really want everyone to know that we do all these things and we do them all very, very well.

KRISTI: As you drive on Towne Lake Parkway, you'll see our sign advertising The Art Of Cosmetic Dentistry, but you'll also see the sign that stood for 13 years at this location and 20 years in Woodstock, announcing Towne Lake Family Dentistry We're Beautiful Smiles Begin.

In 2009, Dr. Morgan opened The Art Of Cosmetic Dentistry as a haven for patients who want to be catered to, who want to experience excellent cosmetic dentistry results in a safe Comfortable caring environment.

As far as the name goes, it just explains Dr. Morgan, as far as I'm concerned. But what he has that most dentist don't have, is an eye for beauty. He makes perfection look natural and I love that about him. So The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry is part of him, and me and the rest of our team. We are going to bring our patients in, and pamper them, and make them comfortable and they're going to have the latest greatest equipment and processes used. And they're just going to love. I mean, it's just awesome. That's exactly what it is, The Art Of Cosmetic Dentistry.

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