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ANNIE: I have the pleasure of seeing every new patient and speaking with them. I provide them a tour of our practice and introduce them to team members along the way. This patient experience was designed as a 15 minute unit prelude to their meeting with the doctor and the assistant. To give the patient an opportunity to find out exactly who we are before they make a commitment to being in the chair with the dentist.

Our focus is on the people and making sure that they are comfortable and knowing that they're appreciated. Because we realize that they could go anywhere, but t hey choose us.

DR. RAY MORGAN: Relaxation dentistry is a term that really, we came up with here a few years ago, because that's really what we want to do with our patients. We want to relax them. We know this is not probably the number one, you know, most fun place for them to come. So we want to do everything in our power to help them relax.

Some offices, you know, refer to themselves as Spa Dentists. Well, we're not a spa. We're not trying to mask ourselves as a spa. But what we are trying to do is relax our patients and make sure they're comfortable. Whether they need a warm blanket or some sunglasses because the light is bright. Or they want to drown out the sound of some of the instruments we use with an ipod. Whatever we can do to relax them, that's what we're going to do here and that's how we came up with the term Relaxation Dentistry.

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