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DR. RAY MORGAN: Technology has really blessed us in the dentistry. Adhesive dentistry has opened up so many doors for restoring teeth. We now and do inlays, and onlays, and crowns and restore teeth to their optimum health, while reducing them minimal amount of teeth. When we perform a service such as inlay and onlay, a crown, ironically enough when the patient looks in the mirror, he won't see anything but a beautiful tooth and that's our goal. We really do want to fool the eye. We want it to be stronger. We want it to be more beautiful. And we want it to be extremely functional when we finish with it.

So what they're going to see when they look in the mirror is a beautiful tooth, or beautiful teeth or a beautiful smile, depending on how many teeth that we work on. That's what makes it so nice, is I love to put restorations in people's mouths and they look in the mirror and they can't even figure out which tooth we worked on. Even though we talked about it and they might have known in advance, it can fool the eye. And so when you use a good lab and when you use really high quality materials, you end up with really high quality results and that's what we deliver here.

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