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DR. RAY MORGAN: I'm very fortunate to have an amazing team. Each member of our team has a unique responsibility. We try very, very hard to make sure that your experience is exceptional and I give each and every member of my team an A plus in the effort that they put forth on a daily basis. We have a great time here. We know that any of our patients that come here are going to see and feel the energy that comes out of this place.

MICHELLE: My name is Michelle and as the Treatment Coordinator, I will be scheduling all of your dental appointments.

ANGELA: Hi, my name is Angela Glovervack, I'm a registered dental hygienist. I've been with Towne Lake Family Dentistry since 1996.

KRISTI: My name is Kristi. I've been with Towne Lake Family Dentistry since 1997 and I'm a certified dental assistant.

MARSHA: I'm Marsha Barnadel, I'm a registered dental hygienist here at Towne Lake Family Dentistry.

MARIANA: My name is Mariana and I'm certified dental assistant.

MARY: My name is Mary with the Hygiene Department.

JESSICA: Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm the accounts manager and it's my please to help you with any questions you may have regarding your account and I look forward to seeing you.

ANGELA: What makes our team unique is trust, accountability and patient responsibility.

ANNIE: There very little turnover in this office. Dr. Morgan and Dr. Radcliffe have put together a wonderful team of people who really care about what they're doing. They really know what they're doing. Most of all they have a commitment to precision, to accuracy and to delivering the best possible result to the patient.

KRISTI: If there's anything you're unhappy with about your smile, please contact us at the Art Of Cosmetic Dentistry. We would love to speak with you and give you a complementary consultation today.

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