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Ray H. Morgan, Jr. DMD Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

Dental Technology

Woodstock, GA and Marietta Laser Dentist – 3M Impression-Free Digital Dentistry, Laser Dentistry, Digital Panoramic X-Rays, Intraoral Cameras, Relaxation Dentistry

The doctors of Towne Lake Family Dentistry are committed to providing our patients with quality care and comfort. In order to maintain these high standards, we employ various technologies in order to provide the most effective dental care available. For this reason, we have equipped our vintage-designed offices with these various dental technologies. In addition to in-office ZOOM2! teeth whitening, tooth colored restorations and advanced periodontal therapy techniques , our dental team utilizes 3M Lava COS digital impression technology to capture accurate images of your teeth without using traditional messy goopy impression materials. Our ViziLite Plus Oral Cancer Screening Test by Zila assists our doctors in evaluating your soft tissues within your mouth for abnormalities. Dexis Digital Radiography allows for minimal radiation exposure while providing very clear images of your teeth and surrounding structures. Air- Abrasion called "Drill-Less Dentistry" allows for small areas of decay to be removed without the need for a drill or anesthesia (numbing). Soft tissue lasers by Ivoclar aid in tissue recontouring without using traditional blades to cut. KaVo's Diagnodent uses light waves to detect minimal decay for a conservative repair minimizing damage to the tooth. Intra-Oral Cameras by Dexis aid in patient education and documentation. Finally, the effects of dental anesthesia can be significantly reversed using OraVerse by Novalar Pharmaceuticals. These technologies combined with our doctors experience make the dental experience much more pleasant for both the doctor and the patient. The results are stunning for our patients from Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell, Canton, Alpharetta, Buckhead ,Kennesaw and Woodstock. Schedule an appointment with Drs. Ray H. Morgan, Jr., Dennis Radcliffe or Adam Barefoot today to obtain care at Towne Lake Family Dentistry. Experience the difference.

3M Impression Free Digital Dentistry- The Lava COS Digital Impression System utilizes the latest innovations to capture live video and 360 degree images of teeth. The 3D In Motion technology is one of kind and is capable of eliminating the use of traditional goopy impression material.


Laser Dentistry

The Ivoclar Soft Tissue Laser uses light to remove and cauterize tissue. This machine allows for tissue reduction without bleeding and promotes a quicker, more pain-free healing period.

Digital Panoramic X-Rays

Digital technology allows us to use X-rays in ways we could only dream of before. The digital X-ray technology featured in our office means that there is no annoying wait for dental X-rays to be developed or exposure to the toxic chemicals used in film developing, not to mention a reduction in radiation exposure of up to 90 percent. To take digital X-rays, a small sensor is positioned within the patient's mouth. The sensor instantly transmits the images to our computer network for display on the monitor in your treatment room, where the doctor will review them with you. This computerized system allows us to enlarge and manipulate the images in order to enhance and highlight specific areas to be treated in highly defined detail. Your dental X-rays can also be archived digitally for future reference and transmission to your insurance provider as necessary.

Dr. Ray Morgan and our team embrace technology. Our practice utilizes: 3M Impression-Free Digital Dentistry, Laser Dentistry, Digital Panoramic X-Rays, Intra-oral Cameras, and Relaxation Dentistry. Using these tools benefits the patient greatly by reducing discomfort, increasing accuracy and creating long lasting results. Patients enjoy our more comfortable and interactive approach. Experience the difference these tools make.

Intra-oral Cameras

Obtaining an unobstructed view within the mouths of dental patients has always been a challenge. In the past, small dental issues or problems in difficult-to-view locations would often go undiagnosed until they developed into more severe problems. Today, tiny intra-oral cameras allow us to locate even the smallest of developing dental defects by taking extremely close-up, high-resolution images that contain far more detail than the human eye is capable of perceiving unaided. Furthermore, these digital images are instantaneously transmitted and displayed on the monitors within each of our relaxing treatment rooms, so patients can see exactly what the dentist sees. This tool empowers patients to make more informed choices about their own dental care and better understand the treatment recommendations made by their dentists. As a result, patients at Towne Lake Family Dentistry are able to obtain exactly the dental treatment they want.

Relaxation Dentistry

Our commitment doesn't end at dental equipment: our environment is designed to help our patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their visits to Towne Lake Family Dentistry. This hospitable environment allows our guests to obtain the treatment that they need and deserve without feeling like a dentist appointment is a chore: we refer to this philosophy as “relaxation dentistry.” Our welcoming reception area features large, flat-screen televisions on which you can watch your favorite television program or learn about the latest dental procedures and techniques.

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Schedule an appointment at the Woodstock, GA and Marietta-area practice of laser dentist Ray H. Morgan, Jr., Dennis L. Radcliffe and Adam Barefoot today to find out more about any of the advanced dental treatments or relaxing amenities available at Towne Lake Family Dentistry. We believe that, once you experience Towne Lake Family Dentistry, you'll agree that dental fears and concerns are a thing of the past.

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    Schedule an appointment at the Woodstock, GA and Marietta-area practice of laser dentist Ray H. Morgan, Jr. to learn more about the advanced dental technology featured at Towne Lake Family Dentistry.