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Ray H. Morgan, Jr. DMD Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry
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Cosmetic Dentistry Woodstock GA!

Towne Lake Family Dentistry

On your first visit to Towne Lake Family Dentistry in Woodstock, GA, you'll immediately recognize that we approach dentistry differently from the average dental practice — the sounds of laughter fill the air, and we welcome each patient entering the office by name. Towne Lake dentists Ray H. Morgan, Jr., D.M.D.,  Dennis L. Radcliffe, D.D.S. and Steven L. Shepperd, D.D.S. strive for a healthy balance in our work by both restoring oral function and creating strikingly attractive results with cosmetic dentistry for patients from Woodstock, GA and the surrounding areas. Our beautiful, vintage-design office is a retreat away from the bustle of Atlanta but conveniently located within reach of the city. Towne Lake Family Dentistry employs the use of Lasers, Digital Radiography, Intra-Oral Cameras and our team's advanced education for the benefit of our patients and to provide the most effective general and cosmetic dental treatments available today. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of our team, patients here often comment that they see the same faces again and again in our office. Our caring staff will put you at ease and gladly answer any questions you have about your dental care — we haven't forgotten what it's like to be a patient, so we strive to create relationships with open communication and earn each patient's loyalty, trust, and satisfaction. We believe that you too will accept nothing less once you experience the distinctly different standard of care offered at Towne Lake Family Dentistry: personable, professional, and positively different from any other dental experience.

Meet the Towne Lake Dentists

At Towne Lake Family Dentistry, Ray H. Morgan, Jr., D.M.D., Dennis L. Radcliffe, D.D.S. and Steven L. Shepperd, D.D.S. provide dental care in a relaxing environment by maintaining a commitment to excellence: with an effort to exceed expectations. We are led by an LVI-trained doctor, Ray H. Morgan, Jr. D.M.D, who employs a variety of dentistry techniques to produce beautiful, functional results for both cosmetic and restorative purposes and provides advanced preventive dentistry treatment to keep your smile healthy and bright in years to come. Our dentists know that dental treatment not only helps to maintain oral health, but can also restore self-confidence and pride in your appearance; consequently, we are devoted to creating beautiful, natural-looking, and long-lasting smile designs. Read more about Towne Lake Family Dentistry and discover why our cosmetic dentistry results attract patients from all over Woodstock, Atlanta, Marietta, and Roswell.

Many of our patients have found that we can create a completely new appearance for their smiles by placing custom-designed porcelain veneers at our Woodstock office. Using custom-crafted sheets of porcelain ceramic that slide over teeth, any number of dental imperfections can be safely and attractively masked, from altering the sizes and shapes of the teeth to correcting stains and misalignments. Learn more about porcelain veneers.

Cosmetic, Restorative, and Preventive Dentistry Procedures at Towne Lake Family Dentistry

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Schedule an appointment for a cosmetic dentistry consultation at the Woodstock, Marietta, Roswell, and Atlanta-area practice, Towne Lake Family Dentistry, today to find out what Dr. Morgan and his longstanding team can do to rejuvenate your smile. No matter the current condition of your teeth, we will design a dental treatment plan that will address your needs, restore optimal oral health, and create a beautiful smile that you'll love.


    Schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation at the Woodstock, Marietta, Canton, Roswell - area office of Towne Lake Family Dentistry today to learn how we can create a beautiful smile for you.

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